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长江后浪推前浪 NBA扣碎篮板的新人

 Jordan Bell,a 6'9'' junior out of Oregon, was taken 38th overall by the Bulls on draft night.

Without a draft pick last season, and given the team's tight salary cap situation, the Warriors needed to add some young, cheap talent to the roster, so they bought a second-round draft pick off the Chicago Bulls for $3.5 million — the maximum amount allowable for such a transaction under the NBA's rules.
Bell's rookie season has been a bit up-and-down ,as all rookie seasons are,but frankly, there have been a lot more peaks than valleys.
Bell's defensive ability has stood out since he came into the league — he was viewed as a possible 1-through-5 defender coming out of Oregon and he's so far lived up to the billing.
True to his rookie status, Bell has turnover issues when he's on the court, and they're not always followed up by spectacular defensive plays. He misses assignments and picks up silly offensive fouls.
He's also continuing to learn the Warriors' complicated read-and-react offense while trying to pick up their switch-everything defense -- no small task for a 22-year-old who said during the preseason that he had very little experience with screen coverages in college and high school, something that's become essential for an NBA big.


But even with his expected faults, Bell is making it harder and harder for Kerr to stay patient.

"We are trying to bring Jordan along slowly, but he makes it hard to keep him off the floor with what he does," Kerr said.
"We are pointing out his mistakes and trying to teach him about the NBA game and about his opponents, who he is guarding and what to expect. It comes at you fast as a rookie from one night to the next. You have all these star players, tendencies you have to learn and coverages, terminology and everything else. He's coming along really well and he's been outstanding for us."
Bell can use the Bulls trading him as a chip on his shoulder, but he's the first to admit that falling to the Warriors in the second round was the best thing that could have happened to him.
"People always say that if I was in Chicago or on another team I'd be playing a lot," Bell said. "But I wouldn't have the vets that I have around me helping me out a lot. I wouldn't be able to learn from people who I try to emulate like Draymond, Andre Iguodala, people like that. I think I'm in a great situation."
"Obviously coming off a championship run, they didn't need any more help," Bell said. "They lost one game in the playoffs last year. So for me, I just tried to come in and just tried to really make an imprint on this team, just make sure I impact every game I play.I don't want to be a guy who just rode the wagon. I want to actually be part of some of the success"

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